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Do you have a New Year's resolution

to trim some pounds or learn some self defense?

Scorpion School can help you with BOTH!

Come try a complementary class and see how some basics can put
your muscles to use in self defense and exercise them at the same time!

Does your child have a bully or
need a boost in self esteem?

Scorpion School can help your child!

  Bullies act on victims who lack of self confidence and
do not stand up for themselves!

Scorpion School can help your child build the self confidenceto
do what is right and stand up to a bully if they need to. 

Kenpo is also great for Focus, Self Discipline, and Self confidence!

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Scorpion School of Kenpo offers self-defense and martial arts classes in a safe environment. Instill self-confidence and discipline with our Kenpo techniques. For answers to questions about our classes for all ages, please visit our Kenpo FAQs page.

Why Scorpion School?
Realism.  Unlike other systems, Kenpo is not a ring sport.  It develops the ability to act under pressure, think precisely, and punch or strike with purpose. 

Kenpo is a system designed and developed to defend yourself using what you have every day: your hands and feet.

Physically, a student is pushed to get stronger in his or her body and mind through learning and exercise. If you want yourself or your child to really learn what to do in a bad situation... or you just want to lose a few pounds then our school is for you!

What You Will Learn
It works.  Sifu Eric teaches techniques that instill self-confidence and empower with peace of mind through focus, respect, and self-discipline using exercises and curriculum.

Kenpo offers a practical means of self-defense and serenity through its training and principles, while improving overall fitness levels.

You will get frustrated, you will be sore, but you will learn that you can defend yourself and the strength you posess in every class.
Children's Classes & Pre-Teen Classes,
Little Scorpions (ages 5-7) classes teach basics such as gross motor skills, discipline, listening to instructions, and respecting boundaries (Saturdays at 10:00).

Junior Classes teach the same lessons as the adult program. This will teach basic forms, katas, single step defenses, light sparring, and body conditioning. This class is shorter but allows kids to work out with kids instead of adults.

Teen/Adult Classes
Adult classes are a longer class session and more rigorous. This is pure self-defense and traditional katas, with nearly full contact sparring varied on your belt level. Weapons training starts at this level.


Sifu Eric and Junior Students

Karate, Self-Defense in Palo Alto, CA

Sifu Eric demonstrating

 Karate, Self-Defense in Palo Alto, CA

Sifu Eric with Professor Lewis & Professor Becker



Email us today to learn more about how Kenpo can help you: info@scorpionschool.com